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elegant ~ classic ~ modern ~ whimsical

Some classic, some so whimsical you’ve probably never seen anything like it. Customize until your heart’s delight. Colorful papers, envelopes and pockets.

Digital and Letterpress

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4 Marsupial albums to browse through…..


Marsupial Wedding features four very distinct collections:

In selecting your invitation, make a note of what fits the unique mood, personality, and story of your wedding.

Wedding One:

This collection showcases our simple, elegant and classic pouch-style invitations.

All invitations can be customized to fit your color scheme.

Your invitation sets the tone: level of formality, style and theme of your wedding.

Let your guests know what a brilliant, unique and special day this will be. 

Wedding Two:

Stylish & trendsetting. The second collection highlights themed weddings: 

Casino Royale for a wedding in Las Vegas.

Passport & Airline ticket pouch invitations for those who love to travel.

Timeline invitation if your lives have been intertwined for many years.

If you found your true love as a blogger and need an invitation to suit…..

These are invitations your guests wouldn’t dream of declining…

Wedding Three:

Green and Gorgeous. Isn’t it about time the most beautiful wedding invitations are also earth friendly!

This gorgeous collection features lovely design, refined printing methods and all while taking our planet into consideration.

How can you go wrong?

Wedding Four:

This fresh new collection features clever folds, beautiful original patterns and innovative color combinations, all for a new economy! 



A note from Marsupial themselves……

No, we aren’t Australian. We are Seattleites who felt that the stationery world and the world of mammals particular to Australia should somehow coincide. Inspired by mammals such as the kangaroo, we thought, why can’t stationery have pouches too? So we created our very own paper version—a small folder with a pouch. Then we made a whole bunch of sizes and shapes…then we added envelopes…then we added papers…well, you get the picture.

​Marsupial Pouches & Papers is an innovator of wedding invitation style and design. We create colorful envelopes, pockets and papers that inspire you and your dealer to make beautiful custom invitations. We refresh and revitalize the idea of stationery with our signature pouch-style envelopes and coordinated papers that truly make a lasting impact.